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Published On: 9 July 2012 1:54 am

Somalia: Puntland parliament votes for a policy concerning Sool

The Puntland House of Representatives in an almost unanimous decision voted that the government decide on a clear agenda for Las’anod, a city disputed by Puntland and Somaliland, Garowe Online reports.

Puntland Parliament met in Garowe on Sunday and after discussions members of parliament voted that the Puntland government decide on a clear policy for the disputed capital city of Sool region, Las’anod.

Out of 41 MPs 39 out of 41 voted yes, for a policy towards Las’anod while the remaining 2 MPs did not vote.

MPs at the parliament meeting said that they wanted the Puntland government to either decide on an agenda to regain Las’anod or elect to refrain from reclaiming control.

The Somaliland government has controlled the city of Las’anod for more than four years, after capturing it from the Puntland government late 2007 . According to aid organizations in Sool, almost 20,000 people fled from Las’anod when Somaliland took control.

Despite reports of Las’anod citizens being arrested and even shot at –in January, 2 protesters were killed after police fired at demonstrators- the Somaliland government has defended its authority in Las’anod

The city has been home to a series of assassinations recently, one man was killed after an explosion rocked the house of Somaliland’s Sool Regional Intelligence Chief, Saturday night.

The Intelligence Chief, Mr. Araab Qowden escaped unharmed but according to sources, a relative of Mr. Qowden was killed and three others injured in the blast.

Late last month the regional judge of Sool was shot and killed while headed to his home.