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Published On: 15 April 2013 2:33 am

The Evil Irir Trio.


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The Evil Irir Trio and the Risk of Reigniting another Civil War in Somalia and What the Darod Tribe Needs to Do.

Since the election of Hassan Culusow in September last year, Somalia seems to be sliding into a dangerous phase of a renewed civil war. The little known Mr. Culusow was a member of General Aideed’s now defunct USC which had launched a relentless war of genocide against Darod civilians in Southern Somalia in the early 1990’s. Some estimates put the number of Darod civilians who perished in Aideed’s genocide at more than 100,000. Mr. Culusow, a member of the USC, was a cheer leader and organizer of the massacre against the hapless victims in Mogadishu.
When the genocidal USC campaign ended in the nearly total cleansing of Darods in Mogadishu in 1993, Mr. Culusow has metamorphosed as an NGO man. Mr. Culusow is said to harbor a deep hatred for the Darod tribe. Culusow who was elected through bribery by the current parliament has immediately extended an olive branch to the secessionist Isaaq clan in the Northwest. He even suggested change in the school curriculum to teach future students how the Isaaqs were ‘wronged’ by the last government. Hassan chose to ignore the tens of thousands that his clan had massacred in cold blood in Mogadishu and its environs. He also didn’t mention the fact that the secessionist clan has killed thousands in some parts of northern Somalia, and are, in fact, still occupying parts of the unionist regions in North.
Three months ago, the leader of the evil Irir trio, Ismail Omar Geelle whose clan owe their power in Djibouti to the support they received from Barre’s government in the 1970’s, had chaired a meeting of the three in Djibouti, purportedly to celebrate the fortieth anniversary of the introduction of the Somali script. However, the real purpose of the meeting was to discuss the solidification of their evil alliance against the Darod tribe. The godfather of the group, Ismail Geelle, is said to have suggested to the duo from Somalia to build a federal system based in Mogadishu and Hargeisa. The purpose of the suggestion is to marginalize the larger Darod tribe.
Meanwhile, since his election in September, Mr. Culusow has missed no opportunity to show his hostility toward the Darods. Shortly after his election, he went to Baidhabo and Beledweyne and urged both regions to choose their leaders while at the same time he repeatedly refused to work with the ongoing conference in Kismayo, citing false excuses for his refusal. In fact, he is currently backing another conference in Baidhabo. He encouraged the participants of the Baidhabo conference to form a regional administration for six regions, which includes the two Jubbas and Gedo. Culusow’s intention is to disrupt the Kismayo conference and create hostility between the two neighboring tribes of Digil and Mirifle and Darod. He is also planning to annex the Lower Shabeelle Region to the Hawiye regions of Middle Shabeelle and Banaadir.
The evil Irir duo in Somalia are currently meeting in Turkey and are reportedly discussing ways to share the financial and military aid that they are expecting to receive from Turkish, Arab and Western donors. With the appointment of a puppet prime minister, Mr. Culusow has managed to usurp the authority of the premier’s office, and effectively now holds both offices. This violates the power sharing agreement among Somalia’s clans, which is currently based on a 4.5 formula, since the Hawiyas hold both the presidency and premiership of the country.
The Darods need to set aside their squabbles and focus on the emerging threat from these two insecure and complex filled tribes before it is too late. First, they need to expedite the formation of the regional administration in the Jubbas and Gedo. The participants of that conference should avoid their personal ambitions to drag and derail the process. This will only serve the interest of the enemies in Mogadishu and Hargeisa, as both are rooting for the conference’s failure. If one fails to realize his ambitions today, there is always tomorrow and after tomorrow. The organizers of the conference need to know that the window of opportunity is very limited and they should conclude the conference as soon as possible.
In the north, the liberation of Lasanod and other Khatumo areas should be given a top priority. I think the two northern Harti clans need to find a way to cooperate with the encouragement and help from their brethren in Puntland. I don’t think the current regime in Garowe has the foresight or the desire of leading this effort, but nevertheless we should reach out and seek the support of the public in Puntland. However, since charity begins at home, people in the occupied areas and their administration need to prioritize the liberation of their lands. If Iddoor expansionism in the north is contained (of course, after their expulsion from the currently occupied land, including Erigavo) it will go a long way to help contain the newly emerging threat from the evil Irir trio in Somalia and Djibouti.


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