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Published On: 27 May 2013 6:07 pm

Press Release:- Jubaland State of Somalia accuses President Hassan Sh. Mohamud Violation of Jubaland
















Kismaayo May 27,  2013

The newly established Jubbaland state community anticipated supportive reward from the Federal government for liberating most of the regions from Al-Shabab and pioneering in the implementation of the government vision within the framework of the constitution devoid of any support from Mogadishu. In addition Jubbaland State of Somalia is willing to support and replicate its experience of establishing federal state in other regions especially South- West State, and Central State of Somalia.

Contrary to the Jubbaland community expectation, it has taken intimidating steps to source insecurity and obstruct the community’s desire for reconciliation and peaceful co-existence by sending series of high profile delegations to temper with the Jubbaland people’s right to choose its leadership on basis of Somali Constitution and instead SFG opted to punish them.

Since he came to power, H.E Hassan Sh. Mohamud has been opposed to the Jubbaland process, even though it was endorsed by the preceding TFG and IGAD’s 2012 Grand stabilizing plan for south central Somali regions. He instead adopted policies that all designate a tendency towards centralization and the creation of a unitary state authority rather than support for the system of the constitutional federalism that helped bring it to
power because of the political interest of his clan-family.

On 15th May, 2013, a delegation led by Assistant Minister for Internal Security Hon. Jama (alias Oday) reached Kismayo with armed personnel for “security”, this signals lack of confidence in AMISOM and the Jubbaland administration. Besides, they hampered the security and openly backed the false assertions of Barre Hirale’s presidency to emasculate the peaceful co-existence among the clans. They are also using money which was destined
for security sustainability to antagonize the administration and ignite aggression among the reconciled communities.

Following the above delegation, Mogadishu sent the Somali army commander and two other Generals to Kismayo to steer clashes. They have also sent three key Ministersin the lead of Defense Minister in aggregation of AMISOM Chief of Staff. This is the Mogadishu’s aim, it is creating as many problems as it is designed to resolve.

We urge Mogadishu to respect the will of Jubbaland community and restrain from their perpetual actions to threaten peace and stability mainly the fight against Al-Shabab.

Nevertheless this potential dispute could pose a threat to the Jubbaland’s current sense of stability and optimism. Any unpredictable detrimental effects will be squarely upon President Hassan Sheikh Mohamud.


Jubalnd State Of Somalia

Mohamed Nasser