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Published On: 2 June 2013 1:55 am

Somali president Hassan Sh. Mohamud: King of Kings?


Posted on May 19, 2013 by 

A red flag was raised when the president defended the armed forces who gang rape displaced women in Mogadishu IDP camps. It was even more mind boggling when the police in Mogadishu arrested and jailed a woman who was gang raped by Mogadishu police and a journalist who interviewed the woman. How could a raped woman be arrested and jailed? What about the journalist who interviewed her? What were they guilty of? The government led Hassan Sh. Mohamud claimed that the journalist and the woman who was a victim of rape were embarrassing the government by implicating the police in rape cases. The worst of it came when Hassan was interviewed by Al-Jazeera. It came as a shock to many, that he defended the government by saying he has no control over the situation and showing no sympathy to the woman who was a victim of gang rape. This action of the newly elected government highlighted the attitude and the direction it was taking.


Yet another ongoing case that indicates the nature of the president is his position on the federal state of Jubbaland. He opposes the process that has been under way in Jubbaland for the locals to elect their own leaders. Hassan has insisted that he makes the decisions and appoints leaders for all Somalis without the consent of the governed.

The latest case of Hassan’s dictatorship came as another surprise: On May 18, 2013, more than 100 members of parliament in Mogadishu gathered to discuss on a motion against the Prime Minister for the failure of his government to move forward and govern effectively. In an unprecedented act, the Somali armed forces barred them to proceed in their discussion in one of the hotels in Mogadishu. One of the parliament members said that the order to bar them from meeting was given from the highest level of the government. Professor Ali Khalif Galayr was one of the MPs who were prevented from meeting and he stated in a report from the Somali Channel in Mogadishu on May 18, 2013 “We never thought that about 110 MP’s who had a meeting and a lunch together, who were standing for getting things right, will be barred to meet and have lunch together by the armed forces!”

Until today, the government of Hassan Sh. Mohamud is acting in a dictatorial manner and the question many are asking is will he soon declare himself King of Kings!