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Published On: 7 June 2013 4:24 pm

Security Council statement on Somalia: SC/11025



1. The Security Council welcomes the Somalia Conference held in London on 7 May, co-chaired by the President of Somalia and the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom. The Security Council fully supports the conference communiqué. At the Conference, the international community underlined its support to the Federal Government of Somalia and its plans for strengthening its armed forces and police, rebuilding the justice sector and improving public financial management. The Council expresses its gratitude for the pledges of assistance made by Member States in London.

2. The Council welcomes the launch on 3 June of the United Nations Assistance Mission to Somalia (UNSOM), and reiterates its support for the new Special Representative of the Secretary-General, Mr Nicholas Kay. The Council underlines the importance of UNSOM quickly establishing a significant presence in Mogadishu and beyond, in view of the urgent need to support the Government of Somalia on its peace and reconciliation agenda, and expresses its commitment to support the Secretary-General in this regard. The Council expresses the importance of UNSOM supporting a Somali-led peace and reconciliation process. The Council takes note of the closure of the former UN Political Office for Somalia and thanks former SRSG Mahiga and all UNPOS staff for their service to Somalia.

3. The Council reiterates its expectation that UNSOM shall be an integrated mission by 1 January 2014.The Council stresses UNSOM’s role in supporting the Government of Somalia in coordinating international support and calls for cooperation from international partners and organisations including the African Union (AU) the Intergovernmental Agency on Development (IGAD) and the European Union.

4.  The Council welcomes sustained international engagement on Somalia. In that context the Council welcomes the intention of the European Union to hold a conference on Somalia in Brussels in September. The conference will help deliver tangible peace dividends for all Somalis as well as signalling a new partnership between Somalia and the international community on political reconstruction and economic development. The Council also takes note of the recent special meeting on Somalia in the margins of the Fifth Tokyo International Conference on African Development.


5. The Council underlines its gratitude to the African Union Mission in Somalia (AMISOM) and its strategic partners for their efforts, alongside the Somali armed forces, who have been working to provide the security space for progress towards peace and stability in Somalia. The Council takes note of the AU Peace and Security Council’s communiqué of 10 May on the situation in Somalia.  The Council pays tribute to the bravery and sacrifices of all AMISOM personnel and extends its gratitude to the people and governments of Troop Contributing Countries and strategic partners. The Council welcomes the intention of the Secretariat to conduct a joint review of AMISOM with the AU and emphasises the importance of both organisations working closely together in this exercise.


6. The Council is grateful for international support to AMISOM, including from the EU for its valuable contribution to AMISOM’s budget. The Council reiterates its request for new and existing donors to support AMISOM, including through the provision of uncaveated funding for AMISOM to the UN Trust Fund.


7. The Security Council welcomes the recent progress which has been made in security but recognises these gains are fragile. The Council underlines the importance of international support to the Federal Government of Somalia in building professional, accountable and capable security forces as part of a comprehensive approach to security sector reform in Somalia, including reform of the justice sector, human rights and establishing the rule of law.


8. The Security Council remains concerned at the fragile security situation in Somalia, and the threat that Al-Shabaab continues to pose to peace and security. The Council reiterates its condemnation, in the strongest terms, of the recent attacks which targeted civilians supporting the peace and reconciliation process in Somalia.


9. The Council reiterates the importance of the Federal Government of Somalia addressing outstanding issues which are vital for the long-term stability of Somalia including: political reconciliation; the development of a federal system; the constitutional review process and subsequent referendum on the constitution; and preparations for elections in 2016. The Council underlines the importance of effective engagement between UNSOM and the Federal Government of Somalia on all these issues. The Security Council reiterates its call for the full inclusion of women in all political processes.


10. The Council stresses its respect for Somalia’s sovereignty, territorial integrity, political independence and unity. The Council underlines the importance of constructive engagement between the Federal Government of Somalia and local and regional administrations. In this regard, the Security Council takes note of the reopening of the Dialogue between the Federal Government of Somalia and ‘Somaliland’ in Ankara in April 2013. The Security Council encourages the parties’ continued commitment to the Dialogue.


11. The Council stresses the importance of developing peaceful and cooperative relationships between the States of the region. The Council takes note of the Government of Somalia’s efforts to rebuild good-neighbourly relations to enhance collective security. The Council takes note of the 24th May Communiqué of the 22nd IGAD summit in Addis Ababa. The Council shares the concerns of IGAD on the situation in Kismayo, and in that context calls on all parties to refrain from any actions which may threaten the peace and stability of Somalia. The Council welcomes the commitment of the Federal Government of Somalia to lead reconciliation efforts in the Juba Regions, with the support of UNSOM, IGAD, and other appropriate actors. The Council expresses its intention to keep the situation under review.


12.  The Council emphasises the need for the international community to provide well coordinated, timely and sustained humanitarian assistance to the millions of Somalis who remain in urgent need of life-saving humanitarian support; and development assistance with a focus on livelihood recovery and building community resilience to support Somalia’s transition to sustainable peace and economic development.


13. The Council expresses its deep concern at reports of continued violations and abuses of human rights in Somalia by all parties to the conflict, including reports of grave violations and abuses against children. The Council also expresses concern at reports of sexual violence perpetrated against internally displaced persons by organised armed groups and members of the Somali armed forces. The Council calls on the Government of Somalia to ensure that all perpetrators of violations and abuses of human rights and violations of international humanitarian law are held fully accountable, in line with the relevant provision of international humanitarian law and human rights law.

14. The Council welcomes the Government of Somalia’s signing of a Joint Communiqué with the UN on the prevention of sexual violence in Somalia, which took place in the margins of the Somalia Conference. The Council underlines the importance of full and swift implementation of these commitments including the visit of the team of experts and subsequent recommendations for action. The Council welcomes the Federal Government of Somalia’s commitments to eliminate the killing and maiming of children, and to end the recruitment and use of children by parties to armed conflict. In this regard the Council underlines the importance of full and swift implementation of the two action plans signed by the Government of Somalia.

15. The Council remains concerned by the threat posed by piracy and armed robbery at sea off the coast of Somalia. The Council stresses the primary responsibility of Somalia in the fight against piracy and armed robbery at sea.  The Council welcomes the substantial reduction in the number of successful piracy-related attacks brought about by effective counter-piracy measures through increased national, bilateral and multilateral initiatives and regional cooperative mechanisms, and recognises the need for counter-piracy efforts to continue, because these gains are reversible as long as the conditions ashore are conducive to piracy activity at sea. The Security Council encourages the Government of Somalia to adopt and implement anti-piracy legislation without further delay.

16. The Security Council reiterates the urgent need for the competent authorities to investigate and prosecute not only suspected pirates captured at sea, but also anyone who incites or intentionally facilitates piracy operations, including key figures of criminal networks involved in piracy who illicitly plan, organise, facilitate, or finance and profit from such attacks. The Council keeps under review the possibility of applying targeted sanctions against such individuals or entities if they meet the listing criteria set out in paragraph 8 of resolution 1844 (2008).

17. The members of the Security Council will keep the situation under close review.